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Consistency is key! Did you know that posting on a regular basis as well as having an editing theme can increase your engagement levels and make you stand out more as an influencer? Numerous brands will be wanting to partner with you once you’ve mastered the basics of making your social profiles uniquely “you.”




Right now, Coffee Wholesale Club is focussed on building our video content. Below are some tips on how to make your content stand out.


When filming a Video:

  • Use Natural Lighting

  • Have a steady hand (try a tripod for the support!)

  • Smile! Everyone loves coffee!

  • Be yourself! Your followers love you for you! 


Ideas for Videos: 

  • Unboxing

  • Brewing your coffee

  • Explaining the sample pack

  • Talking about the different types of flavors and brews!

  • How to buy/where to buy

  • Experinece working with us. 


If you are filming a video with a voice-over, talk about…

  • The flavor your drinking (decaf, non-decaf, flavored)

  • How you make it (Keurig machine, traditional coffee pot)

  • How you like to enjoy your favorite coffee (creamer, sugar, whipped, iced, hot)

  • What memories come to mind when you enjoy your favorite flavor. 


Need some ideas? Look at some of the amazing work some of our current Brand Ambassadors have posted! 

Youtube Videos  (Files must be embedded for use on website) 


-We love Valencia’s first impression video of her trying her new favorite flavor! 


Here are some other cool videos: 

TikTok Videos  (Files must be embedded for use on website) 



Instagram TV(Files must be embedded for use on website) 


- Kim had the incredible idea of filming an unboxing video! Check it out in her IG TV @kimkrediblelife

Instagram Story Highlights 


-Crystal loves all things coffee and so do her followers! To ensure that her post is seen, Crystal likes to re-post on her story and then add it to her highlights!


Instagram Posts

-Talk about creativity! Capture your coffee with a simple image and some light editing to really make it POP!